In-Barn Halloween Show

This weekend was seriously horse-tacular: I got to go into DC for WIHS on Thursday, spent Saturday watching steeplechasing at the Virginia Gold Cup, and hung out for our in-barn show on Sunday!

You guys. All the little kids on the ponies. My heart. For many of the itty-bitties this was their first time learning about courtesy circles, how to line up after a flat class, and all those little things that go along with shows. Trainer ran it more clinic-style, very informal, lots of cheering when they got it right and gentle correction when they needed a bit more help. It was the absolute cutest to see the smiles on their faces!

Despite being a little worse for the wear from a Halloween party the night before (total blast, but oh god this is why I can’t drink liquor or stay up past 11pm anymore), I was pressured into taking Frankie into one of the jumper classes at the end of the day. While wearing a Tin Man costume.

Hahahaha so much SideEye from the goob

Luckily he was on his extra bestest packer behavior because all I wanted was a nap and 18 packets of Ramen with extra salt. He snorted a bit at the new banner hanging in the ring, but I tried Aimee’s and Carly’s technique of letting him smoosh it with his nose and suddenly he didn’t care anymore. Magic Snoot.

I plan to wear metallic leggings instead of breeches from now on, heads up

After a nice little warmup, they put the jumps up to whatever height, I have no idea. Course was here:

inbarn show
Then jumpoff: 1-4-7-8-9

Despite his pilot riding the struggle bus hardcore, Francis pulled through and gave me a freakin’ fantastic course here. We cut through the middle to do a short turn up to 1, went inside the round bale at the end to coast down to 2, 3 was normal, inside the bale again to a short approach to 4, galloping 3 strides out over 5, bending 6 to 7 in a forward 4, around the end to come down 8 in a bit of a longer turn (it was format II.2.b so I wasn’t too worried about time first round), and up out of the corner to 9.

Then Best Boy Francis went ahead and gave me a rock solid jump off: short turn up to 1 again, inside the bales to get to 4, turn in front of 8 to get to 7 sliced L to R, inside the bales to get down to 8, gallop up 9 again. All inside turns, all clean, all fast, and all on a fairly loose rein because holding reins is hard work. Joke’s on me, now my legs are sore from steering.

We won the class with the fastest clean jumpoff time and I immediately hopped off, went home, put on sweats, and started Season 2 of Stranger Things.

I am a garbage person.

But the kids were happy, the ponies were adorable, and Francis has officially reached the point in his training where he can cart his trash-mother around the inside turns of a jumpoff without breaking a sweat.

I know we all say that there’s a special place in heaven for the lesson ponies that take such good care of their kids, but I also propose that there is a special place in heaven for the horses that put up with their amateurs.

Happy Halloween to you and all your creatures!

Frank-tacular Halloween


T-10 days until Halloween!!!! Despite my abysmal costume-making skills, I get SUPER into Halloween every year and can’t wait for it to come around. And even better, this year I have my very own pony to play dress up with.

But I’m too full of good ideas right now. And I can’t do them all. Right? Or can I? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

In the meantime, let me know which one of my pun-tastic costumes you think Frankie and I should pursue on this most glorious of holidays.

  1. Toss some cardboard bike wheels on him, add some handlebars, put on a yellow jersey, and we have ourselves the Tour de Francis.


2. Attach airplane wings, put aviators on him, don my flightsuit (don’t ask why I have one), and we have Maverick in her F-14. I’m gonna beat you, Ice Man.


3. Give him a Yankees cap, attach a whip to my saddle, and have him be Short Round to my Indiana Jones. We can call him Tall Round. (Bonus points if he makes the face)

Harrison Ford And Kate Capshaw In 'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom'

4. Give him some crazy hair and a lab coat, I rig a hump under a black cloak, and we have the dynamic duo of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and Igor. (It’s pronounced IIIIII-gor).


5. Paint him green, give him a turret, toss on some fatigues: Frank the Tank and his tireless captain.


The struggle is real!! Which one should we pick???