Frank-tacular Halloween


T-10 days until Halloween!!!! Despite my abysmal costume-making skills, I get SUPER into Halloween every year and can’t wait for it to come around. And even better, this year I have my very own pony to play dress up with.

But I’m too full of good ideas right now. And I can’t do them all. Right? Or can I? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

In the meantime, let me know which one of my pun-tastic costumes you think Frankie and I should pursue on this most glorious of holidays.

  1. Toss some cardboard bike wheels on him, add some handlebars, put on a yellow jersey, and we have ourselves the Tour de Francis.


2. Attach airplane wings, put aviators on him, don my flightsuit (don’t ask why I have one), and we have Maverick in her F-14. I’m gonna beat you, Ice Man.


3. Give him a Yankees cap, attach a whip to my saddle, and have him be Short Round to my Indiana Jones. We can call him Tall Round. (Bonus points if he makes the face)

Harrison Ford And Kate Capshaw In 'Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom'

4. Give him some crazy hair and a lab coat, I rig a hump under a black cloak, and we have the dynamic duo of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and Igor. (It’s pronounced IIIIII-gor).


5. Paint him green, give him a turret, toss on some fatigues: Frank the Tank and his tireless captain.


The struggle is real!! Which one should we pick???