Wordless Wednesday- New Plates

Coming soon to a Jeep near you. Well, near you if you’re in NOVA.

PS- I’m still in the process of responding to comments, but I can’t express to you just how happy I was to read all of your encouragement and positivity yesterday. I should’ve known that my blog people would be the best. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the wonderful supportive people that you are. I’m one lucky girl to have a tribe like you all. I raise a Dorito to you as a toast.

PPS- The farrier came out and Addy’s feet look 1000x better! He said he sees this type of thing happen a lot this time of year with the new grass, changing ground conditions, heavier workload, etc. and said that he would keep a close eye and trim more often since her feet are growing so fast. He said glue-ons or going barefoot are options if we want, but he wasn’t concerned about the health of her feet- any weaknesses were superficial and looked worse than they really were. Big sigh of relief. I’m still going to chat with Owner Lady about any other steps we can take to make sure Beastly maintains her nice healthy tootsies. Thank you all for the amazing information!! It was beyond helpful and I feel like I could actually carry on a knowledgeable conversation about hoof health.

PPPS- I like to think I’m moderately talented at a variety of things. Keeping the “wordless” in “wordless wednesday” is not one of those things.