For Sale: Antares bridle

So I did a thing. I saw an Antares bridle on sale for a great price and bought it without trying it on my horse. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Alas, my boy has a delicate TB-y face and it did not fit him, so now I’m stuck with a bridle I can’t use or return (those darn sales and their no return policies).

Let me pass my savings on to you!

The specs: This is a size 3 (oversized) flash Antares monocrown bridle. And it’s super pretty. It’s already been oiled once so the leather has darkened a bit, but it could use another deep oiling before use. It does not come with reins. It has never been used- I put it on Francis long enough to determine that he has a comically small face for such a big horse, and promptly took it right back off. Legit, it’s so new that the tag is still on it.



Note: the flash is removable, the little loop is not



I’m asking $300 to include shipping in the US, just so I can get some money back on it (retails new for about $500). I have a post on ETT on FB (I’m so hip with the acronyms), but lemme know if you or anyone you know might be interested! I’m happy to share more info/pictures.

And once someone buys this, I can get Francis one that ACTUALLY fits his purty little face. So someone please buy this. Do it for Francis.