Wordless Wednesday

Thank you Courtney for the photos!!!! I’m sorry that I can’t look majestic on cue. And sorry that my horse looks like an 80 year old goat here. This face of his seems to be popping up pretty often and I like to call it “Seriously mom you’re lucky I’m tolerating this.”


Wordless Wednesday- High Alert


The closest I’ve ever seen Addy come to spooking on the ties. AKA she looked awake. She then received tons of nose smooshes for being so darn cute.

 PS- my internet has been wonky for a few days so I’m a little behind, but I’ll be rejoining you as soon as it’s fixed! 

Wordless Wednesday- Momma

Momma came to town for Mother’s Day! We had an amazing weekend of eating, shopping, and getting to spend time together for the first time since Christmas.

Wordless Wednesday- She heard me.

Taken yesterday, approximately three hours after I posted my “How to Groom Your Gray Horse” instructions. I don’t know how well you can see, but she was absolutely crusted with mud from nose to tail. I’m registering her as a dun from now on.

Wordless Wednesday- Faces

Y’all need more of our smiling faces in your Wednesday.

PS: Guys I’m on Twitter now and pretty confused about how it’s supposed to work. But if you want to see me fumble my way through a new social media channel, then find me @hellomylivia!

Almost Wordless Wednesday- Stall Swag

Addy got the icing on her stall door that she really wanted. She also told me that we need to get another champion ribbon to make it symmetric. What Pretty Girl wants, Pretty Girl gets.

Wordless Wednesday- Living Room Progress!


  • Sheer white curtains are up
  • Christmas decorations are down
  • Bookshelf is set up
  • Nice throw pillows are on the couch
  • Mirrors hung over the couch
  • Baskets holding the crud on the TV stand
The whole view! There are still some cords tangled about and things propped up where they shouldn’t be, but progress!
Super pumped about these pillows- I got the two blue ones on sale at Nordstrom Rack, and the coral one at Homegoods. I liked how they mimicked the circle pattern, and the coral brings some warmth into an otherwise very cool room. And yes- this couch is monstrous.
I couldn’t believe how much these curtains opened up the room. The lighting in here is still a bit weird, so I’d like to add in another stand lamp or table lamp somewhere to soften it up.

As soon as the weather stays consistently warm, my coffee table is going to be painted and put into place! Then I’ll tackle painting the TV stand, and might also paint the dark bookshelf. After that, I’d ideally like to get a nice bright throw blanket for the couch and arrange my mantle a little nicer, but I’m super pumped at how it’s all coming together!

Any input? Think I should move something around, swap something out, or make any other big changes? You all gave such great advice a few weeks ago!

Wordless Wednesday- Mud Monster


I know, this looks super similar to last week’s post. We do live on these crossties.

But while my enthusiasm and yearning for spring knows no bounds, it is different when you’re responsible for a gray horse. Notice the mud stockings and mud neck adornment. It’ll be interesting when the blankets come off and she turns into a complete mud creature.

Lord give me strength.

PS- How cute is that face? I just want to squish her nose and give her kisses. Sweetest girl in the world.