Recent Videos!

I somehow managed to get several recent videos to share! I’m excited for you to see the Frankenbean in full force being a rockstar.

First up: our speed round from Blue Rock. I used to hate speed rounds- we were never that fast- but it has quickly become my favorite format. This round wasn’t blindingly fast and we did have a rail coming out of the 4 stride vertical-vertical line (when we were walking the course, I knew that would be a potential trouble spot to get him rocked back hard enough there) so we were out of the ribbons in a competitive class, but I was overall very happy with this course. As always there is rider error to work on (anyone see that short one into the combo because I didn’t set up the track properly AGAIN), but Francisco is one happy boy out there.

Next up are a few clips from our lesson last Friday. I wish I could express just how fantastic he was, it was seriously one of the best lessons we’ve ever had. He was so tuned in and workmanlike from the moment I got in the irons. Gah. I’ll just let you watch. He’s amazing. I did not have this horse under me 3 months ago, I can tell you that. Both our trainers have really been pushing us to raise the bar and he keeps coming out and showing us just how hard he can work.

Hope you enjoy getting to see the Frankenbeast strut his stuff! He’ll be doing a 1.20m class with AT at Upperville during the week, and then we’ll be doing our High division Fri-Sun. Can’t wait to get out there with the biggest bestest brownest unicorn!

McDonogh Video!

Here’s a video of our second round + jumpoff:

I realize that my turns are hella huge- remember yesterday when I said my reins kept slipping? This round was for sure the worst, they were basically there for decoration more so than any actual use. It’s too zoomed out to see the floppage too much, but you can take my word for it.

Yay for happy pony going jumpiez!!



Sandstone Show Videos

2’6″ Benefit Hunters: 1st out of 15ish. If I were to change one thing, I would hold out my corner a little more after the diagonal line. Other than that, I felt really great in this course!

3′ Working Hunters: 1st out of 2 womp womp. I chipped in to the near outside line and didn’t close my leg enough, so we took a flyer out of there. I wish I had also sat back a little sooner in the diagonal line, but I’m very glad she woahed and waited for the six with me.

Yesterday was super hot and Addy has been working very hard lately, so we just walked around for a while, went on a little trail ride, and then had a brief little gallop in the grass. Beastly loves to run. Our barn is in Lake Placid this week for the show so no lessons, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report!