Retreat from the Cold

Back in July Roomie and I had the foresight to book a trip to Florida for when the weather was turning- and yes, it was one of our smarter moments. Manfriend and Roomie and Roomie’s Manfriend and I just spent a few days in the sun and it was AWESOME. I’ll let the pics tell the story.

When your first flight leaves at 6am, you start the morning drinks at 5:30am #livingmytruth
We ate at this waterside restaurant literally 4 times. We are creatures of habit.
It’s not a party ’til I break out the giraffe pants
Every once in a while we score a cute pic
Usually not tho
We were the classy group with the cooler by the pool. We only left this spot to eat and sleep.
Gorgeous beaches!
And gorgeous sunsets
And gorgeous people
Legit I just took this with my phone. It’s actually that pretty.
Live with me forever

Not pictured: the 200 lbs of shrimp we ate, the bloody Marys we demolished, the vodka tonics we housed, the one other restaurant we went to (literally we went to 2 the entire time). All we did was sun ourselves, eat, drink, sleep, and repeat and it was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.

I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back into a routine with Francis!

…oh wait that’s right, I’m headed north to Rhody for 9 days for Thanksgiving.

Someday I’ll ride again! Until then, I’m going to enjoy stuffing myself silly and holding on to the barest hint of a tan I managed ❤

Kali Spera from Santorini!

Greetings! I’m still in Santorini (and then Milos) for a few more days, but I couldn’t resist taking advantage of wifi and sharing some pics so far. Can’t wait to share stories when I get back!

Yasou ❤

Fish pedicure in Santorini
Momma looking over our balcony in Santorini
One of the incredibly gorgeous beaches on Naxos
I made dis!
One of the tiny coastal villages on Naxos
My mom can’t escape my love
My happy mug
True story: my sister looks like an actual movie star
Everyone needs a big hat
Getting creative with the local foliage to create pretty tablescapes
View over the island from our villa on Naxos, featuring the amphitheater we used to perform dramatic readings

See You on the Flip Side

Hey gang!

As you may know, I’m headed to Greece for two weeks and Frankie is going to be in bootcamp with my trainer while I’m gone.

I don’t have much to share- I had a great lesson with lots of no-stirrups jumping this week- but I just had to chime in one last time before I ship out early early Friday morning!


Also my pro pic from HITS came in and I was too excited not to share it before I leave. Francis: making 3’3″ look like 2′ since June 2016. Ignore my bug eyes and focus instead on his sweet face and the fact that he looks like he kinda considered picking his feet up.

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC end of August/beginning of September, and I can’t wait to catch up with you all when I get back!

Bootcamp for Francis

I’m heading to Greece for two weeks for a family vacation at the end of August and I can’t wait! Two weeks of lounging by the pool, playing with my niece, laughing with my brothers, sailing the Aegean with my parents, telling stories with my sisters. Two weeks of paradise.

We’re heading back to the same villa we stayed at 5 years ago. It is not terrible
Five years younger but we’re still all fresh to death. We get to bring another sister this time around!
Accurate. Will be doing this in every picture.


Two weeks away from my Francis.

Sadface. I hate not seeing him two days in a row, so to go two full WEEKS is going to be a major bummer. I’ll miss my sweet boy so much! Not to mention I’m going to lose all my muscle because I refuse to work out on vacation. I’m sorry but I just won’t do it.

For the first time, I’ve had to consider what to do with my horse when I can’t be there for a solid 16 days. I can ask buddies to hop on him once or twice if I’m gone for the weekend, but I like him to be ridden 5-6x a week and I simply can’t coordinate 10-12 rides for while I’m gone.

So after talking to my trainer and discussing the different options available, I’ve decided to put Francis into full training for the month of September. He will get ridden by a pro 5-6x a week including flatwork, gymnastic work, and conditioning rides. I’ll be having a chat with Trainer before I leave to discuss what we want to work on with him and formulate a plan to get there.

Priority numero uno: snuggle him tons while I’m gone because he needs his smooshes.

In an ideal world I would then compete at HITS Culpeper finals at the end of September, but it’s looking like the finances won’t be in place for that. Because I will have just paid for a month of training. So my wonderfully tuned up horse will just have to dazzle me at home. Womp womp.

Honestly though, this is going to set us up really well. Our first show at 1.0m this year was very manageable once I got over my stage fright, and I think with some hard work at home over the winter we can move up to the High Adults (1.10m) in the spring without too much fuss. This month of training will kick us into gear and get him ready to tackle some bigger fences in the fall and winter training season.

I’m dreaming pretty big with Frankie. It’s no secret that I want to make it to the 1.10m classes, but I do think he has the potential to take me even higher. I don’t think he’ll ever be the most traditional jumper- he doesn’t have that FIRE to attack the jumps like a lot of the top finishers I see at the shows- but I simply love competing and progressing on him. Despite the expense, I think putting him into professional training for the month is going to be fantastic for both of us as we pursue our goals!

Clearly scope is not an issue for him

What arrangements do you make for your horse when you travel?