Friday Updates

  1. You guys know how I talk about my lesson/show/real life buddy D’Arcy all the freakin’ time?? She finally started her blog! She’s going to be asking all those questions that we all pretend to know the answer to, and sprinkling in some awesome anecdotes of her being a total badass. Head on over to The Clueless but Curious Rider and give her a warm welcome to blogland!
  2. Karley over at All In is having a super awesome contest, so you should absolutely check it out here if you haven’t already. She’s awesome, her horse is a total studly beast (and her baby horse is ridiculously adorable), and contests are fun 🙂
  3. My new tall boots came in!!!! I’m so glad I got the tall height, even now I’m a little nervous they might not be tall enough. I’ll show them to Trainer when she gets back from Lake Placid to see what she thinks. They’re a hair too tall right now, I just worry that they’ll drop and be too short. But they’re certainly tight enough- I had to have the girl zip me in to them because I couldn’t do it myself. So excited to wear them around the house and start breaking them in! Also very glad that Dover was able to snag them for me, they only had one pair of size 8-tall-slims in the warehouse so I was a little nervous. I will certainly be posting pics of them today or tomorrow, so check my Instagram for updates!
  4. This week in particular, I am extremely grateful for the community and love that exists here in blogland. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being such thoughtful, interesting, funny, smart, kind people.