I only have a few pics to share as my friends send them to me or post on social media (for the love of George why can’t they tag me so I know when there’s a good one), but I missed y’all too much to wait until I had real beefy content to share.

In a nutshell: it was a perfect fairy tale day, and I got to marry the best man on the planet.

You can’t see my priest because he’s roughly 5’2″ and Nicholas and I were a literal human shield for most of the ceremony.


I felt like a princess, he looked like James Bond, and I got to wear a tiara without anyone rolling their eyes at me
Dancing, laughing elegantly, so classy
We did the thing!!

I also managed to fall down the stairs a few days later, so my triumphant return to hardcore training with Francis may be a little ginger and slow paced as I wait for all those bruises to heal (seriously, it’s an impressive number and color range).

Can’t wait to settle into life with the sweetest snoot and our officially official father figure!!

Fresh haircut, who dis?

Sneak Preview

Hello friends!

I’m really hoping D’Arcy at thecluelessbutcuriousrider is more on her game than me, because I haven’t even started a recap of our lesson yet. Hopefully will put that together tonight*- spoiler alert, it was fantastic. I actually kept my leg on and stuck to my guns, and PonyFace was an absolute flippin’ rockstar!

But just so that I don’t leave you hanging, here’s a couple exciting things in the works that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks:

  1. An ode to Hunt Club. They’re pretty much my favorite company and I’m obsessed with their belts. I’m their creepy Twitter fan. I love them so much it hurts. I must share with you how glorious they are.
  2. Interviews with my Trainer and Assistant Trainer. I figure I quote them all the time, why not go straight to the source? They’ve both agreed to respond to a list of questions I put together and share their wisdom with the world! Both of them are genuinely awesome people as well as talented trainers and coaches.
  3. A post about my job and work/life balance and other musings about that. Yes, a non-horse post (it’s been months since I posted something non-horse related!). But as I’ve mentioned a couple times, my job has picked up a ton lately and I’d like to share a little bit more about all the shenanigans going on in that aspect of my life.
  4. My show prep checklist. Things inevitably go a little wonky on show days, but so far no huge disasters have happened for us (*knocks on wood*). Also, I love lists more than I love almost anything else. So yeah, have some unsolicited advice from a rank amateur.
  5. A review of my new breeches. Since my last post about FancyPants I’ve added several to the collection! I actually had to put myself on a breeches spending freeze because my trainer said, and I quote, “Stop buying pants and start saving for more shows!!!” Oops. #sorrynotsorry
  6. My wishlist of tack/show clothes/horsey stuffs. Also known as the When-I-Win-The-Lottery list.

Stay tuned!

*I do have a wedding this weekend that I have to pack and prep for, so this maaaay be postponed.