Photo Perfection: Thoughts

I really liked Aimee’s post the other day on what pictures/information are appropriate to share online. I started writing out a comment but realized I had more to say! So here goes.

I walk in kinda a gray area where I don’t often share names or specifics (you’ll notice that I usually say Trainer and Assistant Trainer instead of calling them by name), but you could probably easily figure out who I ride with by spending 5 minutes looking through my blog. Between logos and barn names and shows and things like that, it isn’t a huge secret.


Yeah I’m not the most subtle

So because I’m not entirely anonymous (and by extension, my trainer and barn are not entirely anonymous), I feel a big responsibility to keep things civil and reflecting well on the business. Anything that could even potentially be construed as negative towards my trainer or her business does not go on the blog. Period.

This has been super easy for me- I adore my trainer and my horse gets fantastic care. But even if this were not the case, my personal blog would not be my forum to express dissatisfaction. As Aimee said, so much of horse professional’s businesses are built on word of mouth. Their image directly correlates to their income and I decline to be the reason someone I work with loses business.

When it comes to other people on my horse, that will be a new puzzle for me. Up until now very few people have hopped on Frankie or Addy so this has been a non-issue. A few friends have sat on them and I’ve asked their permission to share cute shots before posting.

Like when Jenn hopped on Addy and it was totes adorbs!

Moving forward, Francis is in training and I will get the opportunity to get some pics of him going with my trainer and assistant trainer. And I’m so excited to document that! It’s a serious pleasure to see him go with such talented riders.

BUT. These pictures will be shared ONLY after being cleared with Trainer or Assistant Trainer. In general I will also offer these images to them to use as example of training rides (they’re active on FB and frequently update the website). If they wouldn’t be comfortable sharing it themselves, then I will not share it.

If my trainer posts something, then she is willingly and knowingly opening herself up to criticism. If I post something of/about my trainer, she has not signed up for that criticism.

I’ve been extremely lucky in my year and a half of blogging: no crazies have darkened my doorstep. The comments I’ve gotten have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging and supportive and I love it! My hope is that this continues.

What’s your privacy policy?


Pretty Girl Photo Dump

The promised photos! All taken by an extremely talented junior at our barn- you should totally check out her Instagram @hgielloh, she posts awesome pics of her and her hunky gelding doing the big eq and super cool shows.

I know I should do what Lauren at She Moved to Texas does and use these photos in my blog posts….but I have absolutely no self control and must share them with you all at once.

face wut
oh wow such majestic
looking really not pleased about the whole “no-stirrup” thing
cute trot!
are pics when you’re in the “up” of your positing trot always awkward, or is it just me?
continued majesty.
holy crap she’s massive
seriously what a beefcake
oh wow leg looking SUPER effective here
gonna go sit on my horse couch for a little bit
ohmygosh her face is the cutest little pony face!!!!
just look at it!
by my expression, it seems that someone just told me that my mother died. y u in such pain, self?
human derping at no stirrups. horse super photogenic.
Pretty Girl being super Pretty.
those floppy donkey ears!
another sweet flop. lawlz elbowz.
taking a breather to admire how cute and relaxed and easy this pony is

Talented photog had to run at this point, but I promise it got better from there. Read my lesson recap if you don’t believe me.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of the majestic unicorn that is the DragonMare!

De-nial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt

It’s now officially been a week since I’ve been on a horse due to the snow and cold, so I’m going to escape from reality and look at these pictures of warm activities throughout the years.

Rollerblading with Mom and being warm.
Going to senior prom and being warm.
Traveling to Italy with Mom and being warm.
Standing on a Mayan pyramid and being warm.
photo 1(2)
Hanging out in Raleigh in August and being totally warm.
Standing next to a gigantic flower and being SO ENTIRELY WARM.

I’m going to go think warm thoughts and pretend that I’m not wearing two sweatshirts just to stay somewhat warm.