Viva Carlos Blog Hop- My Cubicle

Thank you L. for the blog hop! Fun to see everyone’s non-horsey home away from home. Here’s mine!

When entering, you get the full sense that you’re going into some weirdo nerd’s office/lair:


In my defense, most of those signs were gifts. Not sure what it says about me that people know how much I’ll giggle at them…


We then move on to the majestic shelving unit full of who-knows-what. A bunch of binders (most are empty and just there to look legit), a water bottle someone left here a couple weeks ago, Ramen for emergencies, and like 4 mugs/bottles that I never use. Also a sequined American top hat, because why not??


Over in that corner is my pride and joy: the most comfortable chair in the world. I unashamedly take naps there during my lunch breaks, and people will take any excuse to have meetings in my office so they can sit in it. It is magical. It brings people together. This thing could end wars. You can also see my SUPER professional painting that I made at a paint night, and a bulletin board full of pics of my family. And an exercise ball that just kinda lives here and only sees use as a footrest when I’m sitting in the Magic Chair.


Then we have my secondary desk over on this wall, where I keep necessities like tissues, highlighters, and ALL MY PAPERWORK. Honestly everything I do is on the computer, but I do take tons of notes on paper and I like to keep them organized by topic in those file folders. I also like to sit here to eat lunch when I’m feeling antisocial/sleepy/working through lunch. I’m also a total baller that likes to publicize the results of my last performance review so people can hold me accountable for working on my weaknesses (I realize that having a weakness in content knowledge sounds terrible…but I swear it’s not as bad as it sounds).

office_real desk

The crowning glory: where I spend all day erry day! That white board hasn’t been updated in roughly a year, I have no idea how to use the phone, and those post-its mostly contain useful information such as traced sketches of cartoon dogs. It’s usually in the standing position unless I’ve just eaten lunch and am too full to stand. Because like a child, I have no concept of eating til full. I eat until stuffed. The database that I’m constantly playing not pictured because, well, confidentiality and all that.


So there you have it, my full-to-the-brim tiny little office that I love! Tons of maps, a gazillion lamps, and as much personality as I can infuse into the space. My boss is right across the hall too, so a side bonus is that I can yell across the hall when I get stuck. He loves that.

*Bonus points if you can spy my barn bag complete with crop sticking up hiding in the corner