Wordless Wednesday- Living Room Progress!


  • Sheer white curtains are up
  • Christmas decorations are down
  • Bookshelf is set up
  • Nice throw pillows are on the couch
  • Mirrors hung over the couch
  • Baskets holding the crud on the TV stand
The whole view! There are still some cords tangled about and things propped up where they shouldn’t be, but progress!
Super pumped about these pillows- I got the two blue ones on sale at Nordstrom Rack, and the coral one at Homegoods. I liked how they mimicked the circle pattern, and the coral brings some warmth into an otherwise very cool room. And yes- this couch is monstrous.
I couldn’t believe how much these curtains opened up the room. The lighting in here is still a bit weird, so I’d like to add in another stand lamp or table lamp somewhere to soften it up.

As soon as the weather stays consistently warm, my coffee table is going to be painted and put into place! Then I’ll tackle painting the TV stand, and might also paint the dark bookshelf. After that, I’d ideally like to get a nice bright throw blanket for the couch and arrange my mantle a little nicer, but I’m super pumped at how it’s all coming together!

Any input? Think I should move something around, swap something out, or make any other big changes? You all gave such great advice a few weeks ago!