Snippet Saturday- Make Your Bed

Nothing makes you feel like an adult more than making your bed. There are all sorts of blog posts and articles on why this habit is good for you (all of which I ignored for years), and I’ll let those speak for themselves. Coming home to a nicely made-up bed is one of the best feelings in the world! Take the extra 45 seconds to do that in the morning.

Snippet Saturday- Car Documents

Whenever the DMV/dealer/repair shop/oil change place gives you any paperwork related to our car, hang on to it. Get a folder or a binder specifically for this purpose and keep all those pieces of paper organized in chronological order. If you ever want to trade in your car, this is how you’re going to be able to get a good trade in value- keep all proof that you’ve put time and money into keeping your car in good shape.

Snippet Saturday- Lint Traps

You probably already know this, but I think it bears repeating: EMPTY THE LINT TRAP IN YOUR DRYER! Not once a week. Not when you remember. Every. Single. Time. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do, and your clothes will dry so much faster. Not to mention you’re less likely to have a dryer fire break out. Do not press start without cleaning the lint trap!

Do it!

(OK I’m done.)

Snippets of Wisdom- Wiper Fluid

I know it’s tempting to get the $3 wiper fluid they sell in front of the gas station, but resist. That stuff is basically water, and if it gets cold enough it will freeze up and clog the sprayer. Then you’re stuck with a salt encrusted windshield which just seems vaguely unsafe. Go to AutoZone and get the more concentrated stuff so you can keep your vision clear this winter.

Those of you in warmer climates can go gloat together.

PS- Happy Valentine’s Day all! Hope you’re giving lots of hugs and smooches to your horses, your families, your friends, your significant otters, and spreading love all around!


Snippet Saturday- Pay Stubs

Despite the push to get all documents and bills done online (which I’m totally for!), it’s a good idea to get hard copies of your pay stubs if you know you’ll be moving around pretty regularly. Landlords like to see pay stubs to make sure you’re actually making money, and I’ve found that having the hard copies on hand made this process faster and easier for everyone.

Snippet of Wisdom Saturday- dish racks

In the interest of keeping my weekends free for all my crazy partying (and by partying I mean reading and going to the barn), I’ve decided that “Snippet of Wisdom Saturdays” will now be a thing! These are just going to be short tips on living as a fairly independent twenty-something that I wish something had mentioned to me sooner.

I know we’ve all read the Buzzfeed and Elite Daily articles titled “183 insane things no one tells you about being an adult,” but these are going to be things that seriously no one has ever mentioned to me. Or they mentioned and it seemed so inconsequential at the time that I forgot.

So, the first life tip in this series is:

Even though you put clean dishes in there, your drying rack needs to be cleaned too. Please don’t let it go for a full year like I did, and if you do let it go, don’t look at the bottom. You won’t like what you see.

What do you think? Shall we keep the snippets coming?