Help! ISO Stuffs

OK folks. We had a nice chat about indulging ourselves the other day, and I got SO MANY awesome suggestions for ways to ball on a budget- thank you!

I’m going to take this a step further and mobilize the collective ability of blogland to help me equip the Tank. You see, I’m a big fan of indulging (clearly). But I just bought a horse. And paid my trainer a commission for finding him and making all arrangements (worth every penny, but that’s quite a few pennies). And paid the vet for a full vetting complete with some x-rays. And paid the farrier. And bought a bunch of gear. And OHMYGODTHISISSCARYIHAVENOMONEY.

But despite my growing terror every time I look at my bank account, there are a couple things that I have for Frankie that I need to replace for various reasons. So I’m going to post my shopping list here and hope that one of you may be selling what I’m looking for, or know someone selling, or know of a coupon code, or know of a kindly billionaire looking for cash-strapped ammies to support.

Open front boots, size large

I grabbed the Horze open front boots for Frankie and HATE them. The overall quality is decent, but they do NOT fit him well at all. It’s not that they’re too big or small, they just don’t conform to his legs correctly and squeeze in weird places and gap in others. I’m looking for some Eskadrons or comparable- the Eskadrons I borrowed from a friend fit his legs well. I prefer black, but honestly I just want to get some decent protection on him.

Girth, size 50

I’m actually using one of Addy’s right now. The one I ordered is super not breathable and very meh. Looking for pretty much whatever- fleecey, leather, whatever, as long as it’s decent quality and the right size.

Side note: I know it seems weird that my 17hh warmbloodX has a size 50 girth, but my saddle has crazy long billet straps!

Saddle Pads, all of them

I have 3 saddle pads, and one of them has “Addy” embroidered on it. Clearly this is a situation I need to remedy, and fast. I’ve heard fantastic things about BobbiGee’s and am leaning that way, but would love any other opinions!


Everything else is fine for now, but these are my semi-urgent needs. Please let me know if you have any of these items looking for a new home, or come across them on some corner of the internet!