Glow Up

jtc_pro pic

Who even is this horse. How is this even a thing. I can’t even right now.


This was less than a year ago.

No crazy gimmicks, no weird techniques. Just good nutrition, focus on fitness, and a thoughtfully structured training program- combined with a good brain, athleticism, and amazing work ethic.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Frankie Zoolander

Courtney from An Equestrian Life came to the barn over the weekend, and took some absolutely wonderfully amazing pictures of Frankie and me that really make my heart sing with joy. Here are some of my favorites:


Let’s be honest, they’re ALL my favorites. Thank you so much Courtney for capturing all of Frankie’s happy/grumpy/silly/bored/hungry faces- he loved hamming it up for the camera.

Wordless Wednesday

Thank you Courtney for the photos!!!! I’m sorry that I can’t look majestic on cue. And sorry that my horse looks like an 80 year old goat here. This face of his seems to be popping up pretty often and I like to call it “Seriously mom you’re lucky I’m tolerating this.”