ALERT: Frankie’s Parents Have Been Found!

……well, kinda.

And this is where I need the collective power of blogland to help me out. I have some names and minimal info and have found a leeeettle bit. But I need all y’alls help.

Frankie’s mama is a TB mare called Cherokee Charm. From a little sleuthing, this looks like her right here. I haven’t been able to find any pictures or anything like that yet though!

Frankie’s papa is an unapproved Oldenburg stallion named Oscar. My source for this told me that “unapproved doesn’t always mean bad quality…but it may.” Thanks for that.

He was born in Ohio so I’ve started searching for stallions named Oscar in Ohio….and this is where I could use some help. I’d like to find:

  1. Where Frankie was foaled/where is mother is/do they have baby pics?!
  2. ANY identifying information on his papa
  3. Pictures. Of anyone even vaguely related to Francis.

Please help! Frankie told me he wants to see pictures of his birth parents and I’m definitely not projecting that at all it’s entirely him.

I will reward any information with endless gratitude, pictures of Frankie looking happy, and…I dunno, you name something and I’ll make it happen.