Slow Days

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Sadly, mine did not go as planned. Our work-hard flatwork didn’t happen on Sunday because of the bitter cold, and because of this snow storm we’re getting tonight, it looks like no riding today either.

Combined with some sort of virus that won’t go away, I’m feeling more than ready for spring to come around!

I’m headed to the docs during lunch to see if this could be a mono relapse, but I’m hoping it’s just a version of the flu. Whatever it is, I just want to treat it so my energy can come back.

More iffy news: because of our inconsistent work due to the weather, I’ve decided to postpone our first show. We would probably be fine, but I want to go into it feeling super prepared and ready for anything, and I need some more consistency in my own riding before I feel that way. It doesn’t hurt that postponing means it’ll be warmer when we do go out… I’m hopeful that a little extra prep time will get us both feeling great!

With luck, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming very soon!