Help Frankie Make his Christmas List!

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m on show hiatus for the winter. This time I actually mean it. Mama’s gotta eat and those show bills are starting to interfere with that.

I’ve got some plans for my somewhat-relaxed budget: gonna pay off some bills, build up some savings for a new car next show season (why even lie to myself), and generally improve my financial health.

But all that’s boring! I wanna buy stuff! I’m building my list of what Frankie could use first and then what I could use and I’d love your help. I’ll outline generally what I’m looking for, and I hope that you’ll comment with any suggestions you have for any and all items.

Help us fill our tack trunk/spot with even MORE stuff!

Here goes.

For Francis:

A new bridle. Not looking for any bells and whistles- Frankie goes in a plain snaffle and has a very sweet face so we don’t like to distract from that. Looking for good quality and durability above all else and something that will look good in the show ring.

Saddle pads. I have 3 in rotation which works, but it would be nice to expand my collection. Looking for all-purpose style, don’t need anything fancy, customization would be a plus (makes it easier to sort through the laundry).

Schooling girth. Something cheap, durable, easy to clean.

Show cooler. I have a GORGEOUS wool cooler….that has my old trainer’s name on it. Womp womp. Would love to find something in barn colors (navy and red) that I could potentially get embroidered.

Quarter sheet. Self-explanatory; help keep homeboy’s bum warm in the depths of winter.

Brushes. We use the communal barn brushes with zero issues, but it would be lovely to get some just for my main man.

For me:

Show coat. I am in love with my hunter green one, but am feeling the need for a second- the smell starts to build by the second or third day of the show. Looking for something on the cheaper side that comes in long sizes, flexible on color.

Breeches. I am just obsessed and want all the breeches all the time. Looking for something that fits exactly like TS Trophy Hunters with a smaller price tag. And fun colors.

Belts. I have my two from Hunt Club that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, but always looking to expand the collection.

There you have it! Do you have an opinion or suggestions on any of these? Frankie (and I) thank you for your help in crafting our letter to Santa this year ❤