2018 Goals Review

I’ve taken a slightly different approach to goal-setting lately, but I do want to review the goals I set for this year, and see what went well and what I can do differently in 2019. Let’s go.

Equestrian Goals

  • Work with my trainers, my vet, my farrier, and other members of the team to keep Frankie healthy and sound. He’s currently in great shape both physically and mentally, so I’m looking forward to working with these awesome pros to make sure our program keeps him happy and feeling his best! I think this was a success! We learned more about the kind of support he needs, we ensured his tack was appropriately fitted, and we got some great fitness and training. Moving into next year when he will officially be a teenager (OMG), I think he looks better than ever.
Beefcake Francis!
  • Test the waters at 1.20m. We don’t need to win the class, and we may not “officially” move up completely, but I do want us to safely and competently make it around at 1.20m. I know Frankie is plenty capable, so I’ll just have to get my butt in shape! I’ll give this a partial success rating- I may not have made it around at that height, but Francis did with AT! Our plans to tackle this together late summer were derailed by wedding planning. I’m really not bothered by this- getting to see him fly like that made my heart so happy.
In 2018 I learned that I really LOVE playing owner, and watching my favorite horse be a superstar with an expert pilot.
  • Become a better rider. This is intentionally vague- I have different bad habits that come and go at random. I’d like fewer bad habits, and I’d like them to show up less often. I want to go make newer, fewer mistakes and improve the support I’m able to give Francis on course. Giving this one a solid gold star. This year felt like I really turned a corner in my knowledge, skills, and timing. Private lessons and training sessions with the Frankfurter were worth every penny and more. I still have an enormous mountain to climb and infinite skills to learn, but I’m really excited about our progress this past year.
We put in the time and we put in the sweat and we put in the consistency to build our partnership to new levels.
  • Come up with a plan moving forward. Frankie told me that he really wants a brother, but mama’s broke. Talk to Trainer and figure out the best way for me to continue moving up without having to sell an organ. We don’t really have a solid plan except for enjoying the crap out of my horse and progressing with him as far as I can go. When we top out together or he needs to step down, we may revisit finding him a brother- or we may not. At the end of the day I really really like riding horses, but I deeply love riding Frankie. I never thought I’d say this, but I might rather stick with him than move up (cue the gasping).
This sweet boy means the world to me. PC- Liz
  • Have a blast competing! We’ve got some INCREDIBLE shows lined up on the calendar for this year and I plan to enjoy the heck out of every single one! Definite check in the checkbox! Between WEC, Blue Rock, Upperville, and Lake Placid, Frankie and I got to compete at some incredible venues and had a blast doing it.
This horse has given me the world

Professional Goals

Ongoing goal: work remotely from horse shows more often
  • Take the time to consider what I want my long term trajectory to be, and create a more concrete pathway to reach that point. I’m finally starting to figure out what I really like doing and starting to coalesce a vision of what I want to achieve, so it’s time to get deliberate about moving in that direction. Partial checkmark. There was a lot of change at work this past year as my department reorganized, and we’re currently in the midst of some more exciting changes. I think my role will only shift a little, but it’ll be in the right direction to sharpen and add some really useful skills.
  • Research business schools and the GMAT. I don’t think I’ll want to start school in 2018, but 2019 may be the year to go start working towards that MBA. This ties into that first goal of finding my pathway- I have a strong feeling that another degree will be majorly helpful to advance the way I’d like to. This is on the back burner for now, but not discounting it entirely. Looking into some alternatives, specifically those that fit into the employee education reimbursement program. Still solidly in the research phase, I’m not ready to pull the trigger on something until the time is right.
  • Maintain close relationships with my mentors and colleagues. I’m lucky to have a fantastic network of professionals (many of whom have become close friends). Life may get busy, but I want to be sure that my relationships with these talented and intelligent people stays a priority. So far so good! I’ve only been able to add to my network of great people, and am excited to keep learning from them.

Personal Goals

  • Plan a wedding and get married! Does this count as a goal? I feel like it’s more of a major life event. Leaving it here anyways. Super psyched about this. Along these lines- move in with Buddy Fianci (sorry guys, this is the one that’s sticking in my head for now). It’s gonna be rad to be roommates. Check and check! We love being roommates, and we love being married even more. Ridiculously psyched to move through life with this guy. 
#FrankieHasADad! PC- Samantha Robshaw Photography
  • Maintain a consistent workout schedule and (semi) healthy eating habits. There’s a lot of stuff that I really enjoy doing that requires me to be in good shape, so I’d like to make sure I’m as physically prepared as possible to Do All The Things. Ehhh this went through ups and downs. I was doing great with my fitness and nutrition up until around September, which is when riding took a back burner to wedding prep. I definitely lost some muscle tone (like a LOT) but I ate pretty healthy so I’m not a complete tragedy right now. I’m very eager to get back on the workout train as soon as this injury heals up enough.
For a while there I was working out hard enough that I needed to stand out in the rain to cool down afterwards
  • Make time to just breathe and rest. Between riding, competing, planning a wedding, moving, maybe starting school, and just existing, it’s going to be a MAJORLY busy year and I don’t want to burn out. I want to make sure that I build regular self-care into my routines. Hahahaha definite fail, I experienced major burnout this year on several levels. Honestly though, it was eye opening and I learned a lot about how I want to structure things moving forward. Getting married and setting goals together with my new husband also changes my priorities, so it’ll be exciting to experience those changes.
It’s all good stuff when we’re together ❤ PC- Liz

Now it’s time to think about what 2019 and beyond is going to look like!

7 thoughts on “2018 Goals Review

  1. Liz 12/27/2018 / 6:41 am

    Cue a little gasping, but not too much. 😉 You and Frankie are a dreamteam and belong together no matter how big the jumps are!


    • hellomylivia 12/27/2018 / 9:45 am

      Honestly, he’s the absolute best creature. I don’t much care what we’re doing as long as it’s together!


  2. Stacie Seidman 12/27/2018 / 1:35 pm

    I totally get where you’re coming from regarding sticking with Frankie vs. moving up. I’ve done that twice, moving up and back down with my boys.


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