Sneak Peek: Zone Jumper Finals

I’m still processing this weekend. There are a lot of emotions, a LOT of exhaustion, and more than a few blisters to doctor. This was a huge stretch for us both mentally and physically.

Until I manage to organize my thoughts at least semi-cohesively (and don’t worry, I have TONS to share), here’s a few pictures of me and my best boy having the time of our lives this weekend.

enter ring
Yes, I do enter the ring every time grinning like a fool
antares jump
Happy pony
It’s too bad he spooks at these crazy jumps HAH
Last in the ring, and we went clear all around with a blisteringly fast pace. SO MANY pats for pony.
The incredibly talented ladies of Team 4
Wearing this medal nonstop forever not sorry about it
Manfriend being literally an enormous support.

9 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Zone Jumper Finals

  1. Abby F 08/28/2017 / 8:52 am

    You guys were awesome! So much fun getting to hang out a bit! Can wait to read your full post!


  2. Karley 08/28/2017 / 2:26 pm

    I love the pics!! The one if you and man friend is mantel worthy 😜


  3. Stacie Seidman 08/29/2017 / 11:16 am

    SOOOOO happy for you! It sounds like the best day ever. If I were you, I would wear that polo shirt everyday forever with the medal of course, because accessories.


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