Oh Hey There

Briefly checking in!

Frankie has been a total bro lately. We’ve been incorporating more pole work to encourage him to sit down and collect, and he’s been totally ROCKING it. We’ve struggled to pick ourselves up and not rush through these exercises in the past, so feeling him understand the question and then answer it so well has been fantastic. Our jokes that “there’s a fancy horse hiding in there somewhere” are becoming a little more true as we continue to develop.

I haven’t gotten new media literally in months, so enjoy this picture that makes me giggle every time I look

We also did the circle of death in our lesson last week and he was a super good boy for that. Very adjustable, very “bouncy” in my hand, very obedient, very fun. That type of collection is obviously tough to do, but more and more he’s got the fitness to maintain power in a shorter stride. It sometimes takes me a jump or two to develop my feel for the canter we need, but seeing as it used to take me a full course or two to get in the game I’ll take the improvement.


We have our next show coming up on March 18th- we’re going back to McDonogh for the High Adults, and hopefully we’ll keep collecting points. We currently have 14 towards the 20 we need so we’re getting there! We’re starting to pencil in the rest of show season with a great variety of venues and classes too, so lots of fun outings on our horizon. I’ll update my sidebar with show dates once these firm up a little.

Planning to do Loudoun Benefit again this year because PRETTY

This very brief update may have to tide you over for a bit- with an insanely busy schedule (I don’t have a free weekend until June on my calendar), something will likely have to give so that I can, you know, fit sleep in somewhere. I’d really like to sleep at some point.

I’ll plan on chiming in when I have time/energy to spare and maybe I’ll get around to sharing some stuff from my drafts folder. I certainly don’t plan on going radio-silent altogether. I love Blogland too much ❤

Frankie and I will check in with y’all soon!

5 thoughts on “Oh Hey There

  1. carey 03/07/2017 / 2:35 pm

    I want sleep too….like a whole weekend where all I have to do is move from my bed to the couch would be great.
    Sounds like Frankie is getting stronger, can’t wait to hear about your show in a couple weeks. We are planning to show that weekend as well 🙂


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