Little Facelift

Just a short check in to tell you: check out the new header for the blog!

The old one was a picture of star trails taken from the observatory at Cornell (go Big Red!!) which was a subtle shout out to my alma mater, but you guys aren’t here for stars. You’re here for ponies.

It was made using free software and my very rudimentary skills, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’d love to hear what you think!

12 thoughts on “Little Facelift

  1. Courtney 08/09/2016 / 4:26 pm

    Looks great, I love the pictures! 😉


  2. Monica V 08/09/2016 / 9:50 pm

    LOVE. What did you use? I like picmonkey for all mine (I change it frequently)


    • hellomylivia 08/10/2016 / 2:38 pm

      I used and it had all the features I needed- set the size, basic templates, and it let me play around with basic settings like exposure and contrast so I could darken it like I wanted. Pretty quick and painless!


  3. draftmare 08/10/2016 / 11:57 am

    What software did you use? I just gave my blog a facelift, and would love to make a custom header. Yours looks nice!


    • hellomylivia 08/10/2016 / 2:40 pm

      I just googled “create collage” and clicked on the first result, which was It was really easy! Lots of simple templates, easy to set the size, and basic photo settings to play with color and light. I’m not very creative but it was easy to use!

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  4. redheadlins 08/10/2016 / 4:16 pm

    Looks great! I also like Pixlr and Canva for free photo editing 🙂


    • hellomylivia 08/11/2016 / 8:23 am

      I’ll check those out! It was so fun playing around, now I want to make more edits and collages haha


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