FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

I’m so excited that Tracy from Fly on Over started this blog hop- all us working ammies share so many things, but we each come at it a little differently. So here’s a typical day:

6:50am – Alarm goes off. Wake up, browse Facebook, check Instagram, see what e-mails have shown up, squeal over a cute video of a baby otter


7:09am – Realize that I’ve been squealing over that otter for way too long and am running late. Again. Dash into the shower, get dressed, and throw together some burritos for lunch (because that’s all I eat).

7:35am – Hop in the car and immediately call Dad to share our commute time. Ask other drivers where they got their creative interpretation of traffic rules and receive wisdom from my father.

8:00am – Get to work, turn on EVERY SINGLE LAMP in my office, put lunch in the fridge, get water, check e-mails, slowly start remembering where I left off yesterday.

10:30am – Wonder if 4 bags of M&Ms in two hours is too much. Take a walk around the office to get away from screen glare and bug pregnant coworkers about what they’re naming their kid. Try to convince them that “Leonardo” is a great option, and no it doesn’t matter that they’re not Italian.

12pm – Break for lunch! Bring my book to read but end up leaving it on the table while I chat with coworkers. Soundly abuse the manager who planned a lunch meeting with our buddy. Scavenge cookies off someone.

12:45pm – Go through blog posts and chuckle at everyone’s antics. Go through my own and cringe at the writing style. Attempt to edit some sentences to make them more entertaining. Give up in a fit of pique.

2:30pm – Realize that there’s way more to get done today than I realized and buckle down hard.

5:00pm- Get changed into barn clothes and spend a few minutes explaining to straggling coworkers that yes, I am going to the barn today, and no, I have not washed this coat in weeks, so yes, that odor is coming directly from me.

5:30ishpm- Call my momma on the way to the barn to catch up on the state of things up north and receive mom wisdom. Get to the barn and wonder why I got here so early. Waste gas so I can keep the heat on for just a little while longer.

Stare forlornly at the snow-buried outdoor.

5:45pm – Get Addy on the crossties and start the transfer of hair from her body to mine. Wonder if I’ll ever be warm again and conclude that it’s not likely.

Snuggle up to this little bugger because she’s so darn sweet. And warm.

6:00pm – Hop on! Either lesson or hack depending on the day, almost always sharing the ring; mostly cool juniors with stupidly nice horses so it inspires me to get Addy moving nicely. Nothing like that competitive spirit to get you going.

7:00pm – Hop right back off and start exclaiming that I can’t feel my toes OR thumbs. Shiver my way through putting Addy and her tack away, then hop in the car with the heat blasting. Call manfriend to inform him that I likely won’t make it through the night, so he should say his goodbyes now. He tells me to drive safely and he’ll see me in a few. I ask him why he doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

8:15pm – Stagger in to my apartment after stopping for gas, going to the grocery store, picking up more shampoo, and generally doing every other errand I’ve been putting off. Try to get things put away before it can stink up the house. Fail spectacularly and thank the heavens for an understanding roommate.

8:45pm – Eat another burrito. Because seriously- I don’t eat anything else these days. Manfriend watches me eat since he had dinner at a reasonable hour. I can see the admiration in his eyes as my dirty-fingernailed hands shove the burrito into my mouth- a vision of grace and beauty.

9:00pm – Ponder if today is the day that I give in to the pile of laundry that’s begging to be done. Decide it isn’t and debate with manfriend whether Criminal Minds or Parks and Rec is a better Netflix choice.

10:30pm – Figure that it’s late enough that no one can make fun of me for going to bed, so put my ultra-sultry retainer in and snuggle into my amazingly comfy sheets. Set my alarm for 6:50am the next day, telling myself that tomorrow I’ll squeal over that otter just a little less.

This is just on riding days. On non-riding days it usually goes (1)wake up (2) work (3) get home directly after work and wonder what non-horse people do all day (4) go hang out with manfriend’s mom for funsies (5) go to bed even earlier than usual hoping that the next day is a horsey day. Lather, rinse, repeat.

14 thoughts on “FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

  1. Nicole Sharpe 02/17/2015 / 12:34 pm

    We are TV spirit friends. I too am a CrimMinds and P&R fan. I watch both…. too much.


    • hellomylivia 02/17/2015 / 12:35 pm

      Giggles in one, murders in the other, it’s the perfect balance!


  2. FromtheHorsesMouth 02/17/2015 / 12:49 pm

    Sounds pretty much like my day! Especially the 5:00 part. (“EWWWW You wore that jacket to the barn?!?!?!”)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karen M 02/17/2015 / 12:51 pm

    Nothing like a junior on a fancy horse to make me wish I had an equitation coach.


    • hellomylivia 02/17/2015 / 12:52 pm

      I keep telling their parents that I’d be happy to be their other child if they wanted to buy me a fancy horse, but none of them are going for it

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Annye / AnAmishWarmblood 02/17/2015 / 2:21 pm

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be independently wealthy? If I could ride four horses a day I may be able to catch up with those juniors 😉


    • hellomylivia 02/17/2015 / 2:53 pm

      Definitely daydreaming about riding lots of pretty horses at WEF on this cold and snowy day!


  5. Tracy 02/17/2015 / 3:15 pm

    But… that otter is RIDICULOUSLY cute!!


  6. Courtney 02/18/2015 / 9:28 am

    I’m impressed how you work in your parental time. Great multitasking! reminds me to call my parents sometime…
    Shame about that ring being covered in snow. It’s so big with such nice jumps!
    Seems you have a very full day. I gotta ask, what’s with turning on all the lamps? Just really dark in there?


    • hellomylivia 02/18/2015 / 9:52 am

      I almost exclusively talk to my parents when I’m in the car- it’s the only time I’m sure I can focus and not be distracted by everything else going on!
      Ah yes the lamp thing. I have an inside office with no windows, and the lack of sunshine is super not cool. I have my sun lamp right on my desk, but I like to keep my entire office as bright as possible to help me stay alert and *pretend* I’m getting sun.


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