First Month of Blogging!

Today is a very special day, Dear Reader. If we were in high school, you would likely be getting me flowers and I would be posting all over social media that you’re my favorite reader and we’ll be together forever. That’s right. It’s my monthiversary as a blogger!

And the 23-year-and-change-iversary of not knowing how to smile nicely for pictures!
And the 23-year-and-change-iversary of smiling awkwardly for pictures!

I was admittedly a little nervous about starting this blog- I’ve never been a talented writer, and my creative streak is about a millimeter wide. I’ve also been pretty sure that no one particularly wants to hear the ramblings of someone who very clearly doesn’t have it all figured out. But the feedback I’ve gotten has been so super encouraging, and I’m feeling more and more confident about this whole venture. Thanks to you, Dear Reader!

Whether you’ve followed me all month or are just joining in, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and share a little bit of my life with you! I’ve had a fantastic start to my blogging journey, and I can’t wait to keep connecting with all of the awesome people here.

But to wrap up my first month here, I’m actually going to turn this around on you, my lovely readers. I’d love to get your feedback so that future months are more interesting, more useful, and even better than this month has been!

What do you want to see more of? Anything you’d like to see less of? What’s really working or not working for you?

14 thoughts on “First Month of Blogging!

  1. Stephen 02/08/2015 / 12:27 pm

    I love hearing about your lessons. Not that I understand much of what you’re talking about, but I enjoy “listening” to you figure things out, and then often as not find a life lesson in it!


    • hellomylivia 02/09/2015 / 8:51 am

      I’ll make sure to keep the (life) lesson reviews coming 🙂


  2. Lauren 02/08/2015 / 11:27 pm

    Congrats on one month! Your natural written voice is strong, so stay true to that.


  3. Annye / AnAmishWarmblood 02/09/2015 / 3:15 pm

    Congratulations! Are you enjoying blogging so far?

    I don’t have any advice – I feel like wayyyy too much of a noob to presume 😛


    • hellomylivia 02/09/2015 / 3:21 pm

      I’m having a surprising amount of fun, I honestly thought I would fizzle out and lose interest very quickly! I’m definitely going to have to work a bit harder to keep coming up with ideas, but that’s half the fun right there 🙂 You certainly don’t blog like a noob 🙂


      • Annye / AnAmishWarmblood 02/09/2015 / 3:38 pm

        I’m glad you’re having fun! I like how your blog is both “real life” (outside of horses) and horse life. I’m not sure my real life is blogworthy, lol.

        Thank you for the compliment – but it’s hard not to compare myself to the greats, as I’m sure you understand.


      • hellomylivia 02/09/2015 / 3:45 pm

        I’m still trying to find the horse/real life balance- I feel like horsey people will lose interest if there’s too much real life and everyone else will lose interest if there’s too much horse. The horse side is inevitably winning.

        And I absolutely know what you mean, there are so many talented bloggers that I’ve come across. Luckily they’ve all been so nice and willing to share advice 🙂


      • Annye / AnAmishWarmblood 02/09/2015 / 8:49 pm

        Well speaking as a horse person, I think the balance is nice 🙂 I do like the short posts on the weekends, too! It’s nice to run across a very small post in my feed – it’s refreshing!


      • hellomylivia 02/10/2015 / 11:10 am

        Oh good! I’ll admit it’s an easy way to stay consistent with posting


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