Tack Wishlist

Sometimes when things are slow at work I daydream about what I would buy if I won the lottery. And of course most of the list is horse gear. So without further ado, my list of what I would get if my bank account magically expanded:

  • A Tad Coffin saddle. I don’t own a saddle at this point and this is my biggest wish. I used to ride in my trainers Tad Coffin in high school and it was sooooo comfortable. A slightly-used already-broken-in version sounds perfect. A girl can dream. (Psst this one please)
  • An Ogilvy half pad. Man, I’ve been seeing these all over Instagram and I have major saddle pad envy. With a monogrammed cover? Why yes that would be fine.
  • Shaped fleece pad. One of those big cushy ones that’s gonna look awesome in the hunter ring.
  • Leather fleecy leg boots. I’m drooling over these ones, they’re just so sporty and classic and pretty. Seriously. Drool.
  • Spurs. Why do I want these? I have no idea. I have some vague idea that it might help force me to control my leg movement better. Addy certainly has no need of spurs, her go-button is plenty sensitive without them.
  • Polo shirts to look sharp in when I lesson. Wait, what? Polo shirts are pennies compared to the other things on this list! But I have plenty of nicely-fitted t-shirts, and this overly practical girl just can’t justify the expense. For now, polo shirts stay on the Want list, not the Need list.

There you have it! Not a super long list, but definitely something to inspire me to pack those lunches and save those dollars!

What’re you saving up for this year?

2 thoughts on “Tack Wishlist

  1. Tracy 01/30/2015 / 9:51 am

    I’m literally in love with my Ogilvy!


    • hellomylivia 01/30/2015 / 10:28 am

      They’re functional and not just pretty? You’re ruining my argument for why I don’t need one right now…


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