Lazy Mondays

Hooray for the three day weekend! Having no work on Monday meant that I had big plans for my time at the barn. My to do list was:

  1. Spend a long time grooming before tacking up. She’s a filthy gray mare and looks like a hobo. A beautiful sweet hobo.
  2. Get in a good conditioning ride. We both needed to work up a sweat and build those muscles.
  3. Practice our shoulder-in and haunches-in to really keep us dancing and responsive.
  4. Drop my stirrups for at least a couple laps at the walk, trot, and canter.
  5. Spend a long time grooming when I was done. Maybe even break out the Show Sheen to get rid of those stains.

You know how much of that I actually did? Almost none.

After a grooming that removed the most obvious mud clumps, we rode some circles around the indoor to enjoy the weather, and then I was ready to get to work.

I was off after 15 minutes. We did end up working on our haunches-in and shoulder-in, but she nailed it the very first time I asked for it. We even managed a smooth(er) turn on on the forehand than we’ve ever pulled off before. She was feeling pokey and lazy, and you know what?

That was fine by me.

Despite my big plans to really do our homework, it seemed that Addy had gone ahead and completed the assignment without me. I stayed on long enough to give myself a good workout, and then we wandered around outside for a bit.

A view of the unseasonably warm stable yard from the back of my favorite mare.
A view of the unseasonably warm stable yard from the back of my favorite mare.

Why would I need to spend an hour drilling something that she already gave me? She was responsive to my aids and danced around like a pretty eq pony, and there was nothing else I had up my sleeve to challenge her. I’m definitely not planning on riding like this very often- I have too many plans for getting us to those blue ribbons- but yesterday was just right. She works hard for three different riders, and a light hack was just enough stretching and moving for that day.

Sometimes despite all my plans, I find out that things have clicked into place while I wasn’t looking and I just have to roll with it. She’d better beware though, we have a lesson on Wednesday and I plan on making every minute of that hour count.

Has your horse ever surprised you by nailing everything the first time? How did you respond?

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