Snippet of Wisdom Saturday- dish racks

In the interest of keeping my weekends free for all my crazy partying (and by partying I mean reading and going to the barn), I’ve decided that “Snippet of Wisdom Saturdays” will now be a thing! These are just going to be short tips on living as a fairly independent twenty-something that I wish something had mentioned to me sooner.

I know we’ve all read the Buzzfeed and Elite Daily articles titled “183 insane things no one tells you about being an adult,” but these are going to be things that seriously no one has ever mentioned to me. Or they mentioned and it seemed so inconsequential at the time that I forgot.

So, the first life tip in this series is:

Even though you put clean dishes in there, your drying rack needs to be cleaned too. Please don’t let it go for a full year like I did, and if you do let it go, don’t look at the bottom. You won’t like what you see.

What do you think? Shall we keep the snippets coming?

One thought on “Snippet of Wisdom Saturday- dish racks

  1. Stephen 01/17/2015 / 5:50 pm

    Yeah! to the snippets. They’re like the Dunkin Donut Holes of life advice – little bits of wonderful!


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